How to get a job in Alberta’s oil and gas industry

How to get a job in Alberta’s oil and gas industry

I had a job as a production analyst in Alberta oil and energy development in 2016.

I worked in the oil and oil sands for two years.

In March 2019, the company that owns Nexen shut down, so I took a job with an alternative energy company.

When Nexen was sold in 2019, I was told that my position would be filled by a new partner in Edmonton.

I was shocked and upset to find out that I was not a new hire.

I did not know why.

The reason I did is because I was pregnant with my second child.

When I was doing my interviews, I asked them why I was being called pregnant when I was in the position I was.

They said, “Because you’re pregnant with a second child.”

I was heartbroken and upset, so we were not able to finish the interview.

They offered me a job, but I declined.

That was three years ago.

I am still here, but not because I did anything wrong.

I have been here, because I want to help others.

As an Alberta woman, I am a bit hesitant to share this information with others, but it is my belief that this type of discrimination is happening all over the world.

In Alberta, we have an oil and natural gas industry that has a lot of people who are on the front lines and working for these companies.

I know a lot more people who have worked in Alberta energy development than anyone else in Canada, and I am very fortunate to have had the support of the government to work for my industry.

A lot of women in Alberta have the same issues I have, and it is the same in all other industries.

The Alberta government does not make a difference in the lives of women.

It does not matter if the woman is a woman, or is a man, or a transgendered person.

There is no difference between the two.

It is just a different way of looking at things.

I am going to try and talk to the minister about this, but unfortunately, he has a very small office in Edmonton, and he cannot speak to me directly.

The majority of people in the oilsands are women.

That is a fact.

The majority of women are doing the jobs they are paid to do.

Women are working in the jobs that are important to their families, to their communities, and to their country.

I understand that the government is trying to make the oil industry more inclusive, but there are still barriers for women.

I would like the government of Alberta to make it easier for women to move into the oil sands and other oil and mineral fields.

This issue has been going on for years in Alberta.

In the 1970s, we had a very progressive Alberta government that was very interested in the environment and the economy, and we made it easier to move jobs and jobs out of Alberta.

It was a progressive government.

It was not until after the oil price crashed in 2019 that things started to change.

In my first term, I did try to push for changes in the industry, but we were told that there was no way we were going to change the industry.

There was an entire industry, it was a completely different industry than it was 15 years ago, and that was just unacceptable.

The environment and economy is still in the bottom five percent in Alberta, and the government just wants to make sure that they are able to keep oil in the ground and that it does not harm the environment.

My biggest concern is that they just keep making changes.

I hope the minister can be more proactive in helping people to make an informed decision.

One of the things I do is I go to work with other women in the sector.

I sit down and talk with them and listen to their experiences and their concerns.

I try to listen to the voices of women that I hear in my own work, and my own personal experience.

If there is an issue that I can help, I will listen.

But there are so many other issues that are still very, very much ignored in Alberta: a lack of diversity in the work force, a lack in training for women, a shortage of training for Indigenous women, and more.

There are so, so many issues that go unnoticed and underreported in Alberta that need to be addressed, and so I would really like the minister to do more to make Alberta a better place.


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