How to predict the next five years of Italy’s football

How to predict the next five years of Italy’s football

The next five seasons of Italian football will be very interesting to follow.

There is an obvious danger that if the country’s current trend of being the top scorer in the world in recent years continues, that we will end up at a place where the top two teams will be the two highest rated teams in Europe.

However, the main risk is the risk of Italy losing its European football dominance, as it is not that they are a team who plays in Europe’s top leagues.

Rather, Italy have the chance to be the best team in Europe by 2020.

In that case, we will need to wait until the 2019 World Cup to see if they will win it.

The Italian side have already beaten Brazil twice.

That was an incredible achievement, but they have also been knocked out of the European Cup in 2012 and 2013, and have only managed to win one European title in the last 10 years.

They will hope to do it again.

However for this World Cup, they are facing a very tough task, as they have already failed to qualify for the knockout stages of every tournament since the mid-1990s.

This World Cup will be an interesting opportunity to see whether the country is truly on the brink of a breakthrough.

They are already in the top half of their European competitions for the first time in a long time, having beaten Germany in the quarter-finals and Spain in the semi-finals.

However they also face a lot of tough matches against the two countries who are the closest to them on a continental level: Germany and France.

It’s a great opportunity to take a look at what Italy could achieve next year, and whether it can make a significant contribution to the World Cup.

It could be that the Italian team does not have a good chance of qualifying for the World Series next year.

They do not have any big European rivals, and the players do not know whether they are playing in a competition they know nothing about.

But they have been in World Cup qualifying before, and they will be hoping to have the same chance this time around.

The fact that they have beaten Brazil in the World Cups final will give them confidence that they can beat France in the group stages.

If Italy do win the World cup, it will not be the first of its kind.

In the first World Cup in 1930, Italy beat Germany 4-0, and in 1974, Italy knocked out England 5-1.

However these were just one tournament and they were only in Europe for four years.

In contrast, this World Series will be much longer and it will be more competitive.

There will be four teams in the knockout stage of the tournament, and three more in the final, with the semi final taking place at the Olympic Stadium.

In fact, if Italy do advance to the knockout rounds, they will face four other teams.

Italy will face two teams from the top six teams in their group, one from the bottom six, and one from third place.

This is the second tournament to feature such a tough group of European football teams.

In 2006, Germany beat Argentina in the semis, but it was beaten in the finals by Italy.

In 2002, France beat Italy in the semifinal and in 1994, Portugal beat Germany 3-0 in the Final.

So far, Italy has played against all of these teams, but with a new coach and a different style of football, it could be different.

In their first World Series match against Spain in 2009, Italy had the ball in the Barcelona half and had a chance to score against Luis Suarez, but Suarez scored a late goal to equalise.

In a perfect example of how difficult it will become to beat Italy, Argentina scored a great goal in the 89th minute, but Italy was already on the verge of taking the lead and won it 4-2.

If Italy lose to Spain again, they would have to face three other teams in that group and four in the semifinals, meaning that it would be an even tougher group than it is now.

It will be difficult for Italy to win the next four World Cups, but this is the opportunity to be a part of history.

They have already proven that they belong to the elite of European soccer.

Now they have the opportunity of proving that they will do so again.


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